About Dwayne

International traveler to Ghana West Africa, Togo, India, and Haiti, a true story of a man on a mission to help others. Dwayne has traveled to build houses, schools, orphanages, and to feed hungry children and families. He grew up in the inner-city desiring to serve and provide his construction services to local churches, the elderly, and the underserved. Dwayne has led many mission trips abroad and once operated a community garden in his neighborhood of Orange Mound. As an avid recycler and green conscious individual he makes a decision daily to minimize the use of water, plastic, and electricity.


As a speaker and a exciting  storyteller, Dwayne leads audiences to a deep state of listening. This allows them to relax and enjoy but also experience and process the content of his message as individuals examine themselves. His "Make it Happen" attitude can be seen throughout his life as he has overcome many professional and personal barriers. He has built many construction projects including a microhome for the homeless and a 832 sq. ft. cottage home in the inner city of Memphis, Tennessee. Dwayne has been involved in grassroots efforts for HIV/AIDS testing in Ghana West Africa, establishing a rest station during Bike to Work Day in Memphis, Tennessee, hiring and assisting with employment for the underserved, and mentoring.


Dwayne grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, and has a Bachelors of Science in Architectural Engineering, Masters of Science in Business Management, and anticipating on completing his doctorate in organizational leadership in 2015. Dwayne is a general contractor, real estate investor, community builder, and business consultant.