Presentations: Keynote, workshops, or special event.


Program #1   How to plan and lead an international mission team

Deciding where to travel and when to travel are important items when planning a international mission trip. Who to visit, flights, immunization, passports and visas, and safety are a few areas to consider when traveling abroad. This program will give you practical steps and a checklist to successfully plan a international mission trip.


Program #2   Starting and building a sustainable community project

Going green is much more than a fad and there are different shades of green. Recycling, composting, or energy efficient construction are just a few examples of sustainable areas one may evaluate to conserve resources. Everyone can contribute in some area of their life for personal or humanitarian reasons towards saving our limited resources. It's all about the green.


          * Program with microhome construction concentration

        * Program focusing on cottage home construction 


Program #3   Make it Happen with positive choices

Life is about decisions and choices. This program gives you examples and stories of successful and unsuccessful life changing decisions others have made and consequences. You will be coached how to evaluate your personal and professional decision making skills. Afterwards strategies and proven tactics will be given to empower you to make better choices.


Program #4   Team building: Real examples and real solutions

This program emphasizes how to empower your organizational members to work together in harmony for personal and organizational greatness. You will learn how to celebrate the good and effectively communicate the less than good.


*Low ropes exercises may be used during this presentation upon request.