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About the Author

Dwayne A. Jones has been a general contractor, homebuilder, gardener, and cycling enthusiasts for many years. He has traveled to Ghana and Togo West Africa, India, and Haiti on mission trips spending time with children at orphanages. Dwayne has built many new homes, tiny homes, and projects for the homeless using his trusty hammer and other tools. He lives in Memphis, Tennessee, in the historical black community of Orange Mound where he continues to provide affordable housing opportunities.


Dwayne the contractor uses a hammer! Dwayne drives up to Mr. Jackson’s house in his blue truck full of tools and materials. Dwayne rings the doorbell and Mr. Jackson and his daughter Kim greet the contractor and tell him of a few projects that need repair. The first project is placing a picture on the wall and continues as Kim watches. Dwayne uses his trusty hammer and goes tap tap tap as he repairs siding and the roof just to name a few projects. Near the end Dwayne the contractor helps Kim complete a personal project and receives a hug as he leaves. Dwayne states just show me and I’ll fix it as he departs..

Children's Book Reading at Orange Mound Park

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