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How to qualify for a COZIHOME or tiny house.


1. Apply for a mortgage.

2. If you have a credit score of 600 or above please contact:


                        Garry Witherspoon at Garry.witherspoon@theworkscdc.org or ohlf@theworkscdc.org


                        Or go on the website and fill out the one page under Opportunity Home Loan Fund.



3. If you are not sure or have a credit score below 600 contact United Housing for credit counseling and a mortgage.


                        Register for online buyer education classes at the link below to start the process. There is a $25 fee                                                      associated with taking the class payable to United Housing.



4. Receive mortgage approval.

5. Select your home

6. Go to the closing

7. Move in


*How long this process takes depends on your ability to complete each step.


For additional information please call Dwayne A. Jones at 901.399.9572 or email Dwayne@dwayneajones.com